CoopSaving & Accounts collective funds

Building a strong, viable community based financial cooperative institution which is nationally and internationally recognized.

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Financial & savings literacy provided

Learn how to easily access the CoopCongo's products and services and make safe use of them. We serve under supervision of the CBDA

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Savings Account

Each CoopCongo member must participate in the regular minimum saving operation as mandated by the

Personal Loan

A Personal Loan is a sum of money you borrow for just about any purpose

Fixed Deposits

The Cooperative CoopCongo aligns Fixed Deposits as part of its products. A Fixed Deposit is


The Term “Likelemba” refers to a scheme whereby people form a group with a predetermined

Join the Cooperative

CoopCongo is operating at the first degree of the community bond’s level, i.e. with Congolese community members and

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External Resources

The South African Reserve Bank The Cooperative Bank Development Agency (CBDA) The Prudential Authority (PA) The Financial Sector

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How it began

WELCOME to CoopCongo     CoopCongo, initiated in February 2016 in South Africa, is a community financial cooperative that seeks to promote savings and later assist members with loans, as a way of uplifting the community by its own members' efforts. In order to participate in the Cooperative’s activities, a person will have to register as a member and pay the required annual membership fee among other conditions. After a slow start, the Cooperative CoopCongo was officially formed on the 7th of January 2017 with the following individuals as founding members: Mark Pululu Mpasa, Mukeba Benoit Fugah, Ngamayamu Munduku, Okitapenge Utshudi Ndjeka, Polydor Sungu Lokombe, and Umba Bruno Dindelo. It is only from the 1st of January 2019 that the cooperative received the greatest impetus for its operation and has started a thorough recruitment drive towards its official recognition by the South African Reserve Bank and its agencies. CoopCongo membership is primarily

South African Reserve Bank
Cooperative Bank Development Agency (CBDA)
National Association for Cooperatives Financial Institution of South Africa