Special Savings Account

The Board or the General Assembly of the CoopCongo Cooperative may establish “special saving plans” for members in relation with special situations or targeted objectives time to time; the rules, conditions, timing and other details related to any organized Special Saving Plan will be announced to all members at appropriate times.

These plans may include schemes with benefits to members or their relatives around Medical Assistance, Students Bursaries, Funeral Assistance, Groceries bulk buying, Free ATM transactions at third party banks, etc…

A Savings Account can be opened for every member of the CoopCongo Financial Cooperative.

If you require more information regarding the Savings Account or Special Savings Plan, please call +27 81 503 6022 or send an email to secretariat@coopcongo.com

NOTE : Please, be aware that CoopCongo’s banking transactions will only begin once its Cooperative Banking license is approved by the South African Reserve Bank or its relevant agencies. Until then, CoopCongo can only run operations helping to build its capital.