The Term “Likelemba” refers to a scheme whereby people form a group with a predetermined rotational beneficiary’s payout of a lumpsum from all member’s regular contributions. Members save without interest within an agreed period of time, either a few days, a week or a month; it is also called “ristourne” in French or “Stockvel” in South African English language.   

CoopCongo offers a platform and the trust to members of the community for running Likelemba scheme through the Cooperative; Only a Coopcongo member may register such a group in the platform but the member will not have control over its running, CoopCongo will.

Any CoopCongo member can register a Likelemba Group to be managed in the CoopCongo Cooperative platform according to our Likelemba Policy as well as in any relevant regulation and in line with rules emanating from the South African Reserve Bank. (Please, Loan Accounts are not yet available).

If you require more information regarding shares, please call +27 81 503 6022 or send an email to

NOTE : The CoopCongo Cooperative is not a “Ponzi Scheme” and members are not rewarded for bringing friends or family members in the Cooperative; The Likelemba scheme is a time based savings channel that does not generate interest, hence at any point, no amount can be expected beyond the sum that each person or group contributes into the scheme.